( Legs, Back, Chest, Underarms, Bikini, Brazilian, full Face )

This sugar is a soft texture which goes on smoother and is gentle and more efficient than waxing when removing hair in all areas. Sugaring gives a longer lasting smoothness with less irritation because the sugar is a room temp and does not need to become solid to remove. I have added take home products to maintain the smooth bump free skin to my retail selection.

Jan Marini

 I carry Jan Marini Proffessional skin care products. I am knowledgeable about the products and can recommend the perfect product for your skin type and skin care needs. Jan Marini is a medical grade skin care line, with real results. This line carries the popular Marini Lash and hair care products.The same skin care line which Cher claims as her beauty secret. Call for a FREE skin consult today.


skincare line to prevent premature aging,by the use of antioxidants *vitamin C *vitamin E *Red Tea Ravonoids and Peptides *Chronoline *Thmulen and Glycolic Acid. Prevent, Renew, and Improve.